Our Library

ABOUT the library

The Library is a PANZ Ōututahi Christchurch Campus and AANZPA-CW joint project. It is a resource for trainees, practitioners and trainers. The Library has been maintained since the 1980s and is constantly acquiring new titles. It formerly had its home in 79 Bealey Avenue, Presbyterian Support in Bealey Avenue, Urban Eden in Barbados Street, The Philipstown Hub in Nursery Road and in April 2021, we moved it to this little outbuilding at the Quaker Meeting House in 217 Ferry Road, access via the double gates on Nursery Road.


The library is accessible when there is a psychodrama event at the Quaker House. Discuss with the organisers of the event, so they know who is around and when. Here is a guide to times:

AANZPA meetings on third Tuesday in March, May, July, September, November

Theatre of Spontaneity every first Tuesday of every month

By arrangement txt Walter 021 2710610

More access options

Notes from email with Migs (Quaker organiser) Tai Chi Wednesday mornings, someone could come in to look at the library between about 9.45 and 11.45, because that’s the in-house group I go to. They could even wander in to use the loo! Sunday morning access from say 11.30 to 12.30? We’ve finished Meeting then, and are having a cup of tea and conversation. The first Sunday of the month we have Meeting for Business and are in the building until around 1.30 / 2pmish, which would be a longer easy-access period. Please respect the privacy and silence needed for groups in progress.Avoid getting locked in behind the main gate. Walter has a key to the main gate or will know who has it. Contacting him may be another way to access the library (or get out)

The Access Key

The key is in a lock box. The key works in both the library shed and the children’s room next door.

The 4 digit pin is shared by word of mouth.

The Sign-out Book

The card system is no longer in use. There is a book to keep a record. On the left page: Date | Name Phone or email |Book Title Author | Date returned. On the right page: Comments reviews etc.

Please return books within one month. If you think you need it longer, please, make a note with a return by date. If someone else wants the book, they can contact you directly.



Please let the library committee know of books you think would be useful. We give books with psychodrama priority. Donations welcome.

Digital Resources - Theses

AANZPA members can access theses on AANZPA website. A thesis list is available at the library.

Training Resources

A wealth of psychodrama material is available on the Psychodrama website. A list is available at the library

The Library Committee

The purpose of the Library Committee is to make information about psychodrama available to trainees and AANZPA members.


Uli 027 710 4428 Marcel 027 477 4439 Mohammad 027 9660443 Walter 021 2710610


Walter Logeman (manages gate key) 021 271 0610 walter@psybernet.co.nz Migs (Quakers) 03 382 2271